30 October 2021
Practical online workshop with Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer
Typoclass online workshops are for everyone who loves letters. This autumn edition marks the beginning of a series of exciting trainings with remarkable professionals in the field.

Interpolation in Glyphs App

Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer
Austria · glyphsapp.com
A trained photographer, Rainer holds both a philosophy and a Dutch studies degree. He creates typefaces, works as a digital punchcutter for other type designers, and gives type design workshops on a regular basis.

Since he has joined the Glyphs team in 2012, he has been writing articles, tutorials, and Python scripts, as well as the blog and the handbook. He lives and works in Vienna, where he runs his type studio Schriftlabor.


Become an interpolation pro! Learn how to set up and manage font project with multiple masters, how to achieve a crisp and pristine interpolation and circumvent potential issues from the start. There will be ample time for questions. You can (don’t have to) bring your own fonts.

Topics covered: setting up masters; setting up instances; font family management: naming, weight and width classes; setting up variable fonts; managing exports; hinting a font family; finding and fixing interpolation issues: shapeshifting and node tracking; exporting and testing; applying plug-ins and scripts.

Suitable for type designers, font engineers, people with experience in building fonts. Need to have Mac with Glyphs 3 and good internet connection.


10:00–16:30 cest · Online event · In English
Saturday, 30 October 2021
Attention: Last day of Central European daylight saving time!
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Limited to 15 participants · Online event · In English