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June 23-rd 2021, 19:00 cest
Free webinar with Martin Majoor
Typoclass free webinars are for everyone who loves letters. This first edition marks the beginning of a series of meetings with remarkable professionals in the field.
Martin Majoor
Netherlands · martinmajoor.com
Martin Majoor is a Dutch type designer and book typographer. Around 1990 he designed the award-winning typefaces Scala and Scala Sans. Several of his book designs have been given best book design awards.

Martin also designed the typefaces Telefont, Seria, and Nexus. The Questa typeface, designed with Jos Buivenga, ranked second on a list of the 50 most noteworthy font releases of 2014.

Martin has taught typography at several art schools and has given lectures/workshops around the world. He has written articles for many magazines including page, 2+3d, and eye, as well as contributing to several books on typography.


An intriguing story about type design, serifs and sans serifs, book design and the revival of metal type presented by Martin Majoor. The webinar will start with a lecture about history of type, followed by a presentation of Martin’s work and will conclude with an open discussion.


A brief history of type
19:00–20:00 cest · Online event · In English
My type design philosophy
Discussion with the audience
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Wednesday, June 23-rd 2021
19:00–20:00 cest · Online event · In English